CAVEO celebrates 30 years of servicing clients!

Our advice journey started back on the 19th of February 1989 when one of our Directors, Scott Kirkwood formed a financial services advice practice which quickly became one of Adelaide’s quality advice businesses.  A few years later in 1991, Vincent Cavaleri acquired a boutique Accounting practice and started advising clients and then in 1996 another one of our Directors Tony Taormina also opened an Accounting practice to provide business owners with Accounting, Tax and Business advice.

Looking back, it has been a period of great change. Our business was formed whilst Bob Hawke was Prime Minister, George Bush Snr was taking over the White House and the Berlin wall was coming down.

Since then we have learned to embrace challenges and change whilst building a solid business against head winds of market uncertainty, bond market crashes, Australian recessions, the bubble, terrorist attacks and the Global Financial Crisis … just to name a few … whilst meeting some incredible people who have trusted us both as staff and clients with their savings and their family’s financial futures.

Many of our clients today date back to the early days and we have advised them as they have transitioned through various stages of their personal and business lives with us as their financial advice or accounting advisers.

Together we have journeyed through several brand changes, office locations and now sit happily in a team of 35 with 5 partners, some 2000 clients in all States of Australia and in a business, which provides integrated advice across accounting, finance, legal and wealth management.

It is also good to note that in the last 30 years the Australian share market has average 9.1% and turned $10,000 into just a tad under $140,000!

Thank you for sharing this with us and let the story continue…!


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